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May in our artisan plant and flower world is one of the busiest months of all. A chance to change the spring baskets and window boxes of our clients to the full lovely, tumbling blooms of Summer. Our palette changes to rich reds, aubergines, vibrant oranges and summery pinks. 
Painting with flowers is one of the most rewarding jobs I do although we must know our onions! The Summer bedding is planted when no colour is showing, it is only when those first few weeks have passed under the greenhouse covers in May will our creation come into full bloom . Looking back over a lifetime in this trade, the greenhouse work is immensely enjoyable but for me the early mornings when we make our deliveries are just the best. 
Loading the vans the night before, we set off full of boxes and blooms in the very early light . We enter the city long before the day rushes in, jostling with other delivery vans on the narrow, cobbled streets of York. The sun still very low but the misty promise of a beautiful day. Cheery window cleaners say hello and lovely breads and pastries unload to world famous cafes. It is a secret world. We unload our summer flowers - geraniums tumbling from their boxes hanging from crooked tudor buildings in the most ancient of streets. I think of all the artisans who have worked in shadow of our beautiful Minster and played their part in our amazing city. The work completed we head back to base and leave this world to others who will enjoy the coffee, fresh bread and laden shelves from all those early workers. Of course they may look out of the window and marvel at our beautiful work, feel inspired and lucky as we do to work in such a lovely place and wonder . . . did those flowers grow overnight? 
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